“I have 100% respect for the wonderful league campaign they are doing. But we won’t give up.”

– Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho has respect for “a great team doing a great job”, but the Chelsea boss believes Sir Alex Ferguson has had all the luck this season.

The Reds are nine points ahead of the Stamford Bridge club, although Chelsea have a game in hand.

But after taking six points from away trips to Fulham and Liverpool – having been far from on top form – Mourinho thinks luck is again his team.

“I have 100 per cent respect for him, the players, the club, the team they have and for the wonderful league campaign they are doing. That’s one part of the story.

“But the other part of the story is in the right moment, they’ve had a penalty, or a goal, or a sending off – something happened for them.

“They have a great team and are doing a great job. We are champions and I have to adopt the attitude of champions and be honest with them.”

But, despite Mourinho’s admiration for United, he has promised that his side will not hand the title over lightly.

“That’s what I was saying to my players, no chance,” he said when asked if Chelsea would ever give up.

“If you remember last season we were in the hotel and Man United drew at home against Sunderland. That’s the kind of thing that happens.

“The second team can do that and hand the other side the championship on a plate, like the breakfast on a tray. There’s no chance we will do that.”