Updated iPod shuffle

Apple released new iPod Shuffles at the “Beat Goes On” special media event, offering a refresh to the current line of Shuffle. It keeps the $79 price point at 1GB storage, and offers these colors: silver, light blue, teal & green. Also in the offering is a Product (RED) version of the shuffle.

New iPod nano

• Incredibly smaller
• New colors: (RED), silver, light blue, teal & green
• Full Metal design
• New User Interface – includes Cover Flow
• Three games bundled – includes Vortex
• Video-capable
• Cover Flow
• 2″ screen, with brigher, QVGA resolution (320×240) – highest pixel density Apple’s ever shipped
• 4GB – US$149
• 8GB – US$199
• 24 hours of audio playback, 5 hours video playback
• Shipping Today
• Both models compatible with Nike+ running kit

Apple Realeses iPod classic

It features a thinner, full metal body. Capacity has been increased to either 80GB or 160GB versions.
Specs are as follows:

• 80GB – $249
• 160GB – $349 – 40 hrs music playback, 7 hrs video playback
• Available today

iPod Touch Realeses

Included apps are Calendar, Clock Contacts, Calc, Settings and a few more. Steve Jobs called it “One of the Seven Wonders of the World.”

• Thinner than the iPhone – only 8mm
• Same multitouch pinch & spread zooming controls for photos as the iPhone
• Same coverflow as the iPhone
• 3.5″ diagonal screen
• Wi-Fi 802.11b & 802.11g – it can save your home network setup
• Home button
• Slide to unlock – same as the iPhone
• Sensor for auto-landscape viewing
• Safari – connect to the internet via WiFi
• YouTube via WiFi
• 22 hours audio, 5 hours video playback
• Shipping worldwide this month – already localized into many languages
• 8GB – $299
• 16GB – $399

8gb iphone price drop,4gb iphone discontinued

An additional announcement from the “Beat Goes On” media event today – the iPhone will receive a price drop, moving the 8GB model down to $399 from $599 starting immediately. The 4GB iPhone model is being dropped, due to intense consumer concentration on the 8GB model.
With the current pricing, the 8GB iPhone is now only $100 more than the new iPod touch model at the same storage capacity.

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